Walter Lin, Director of Strategy and Operation, Asia, Sedex

Walter joined Sedex in Dec 2007, he helped Sedex to open its first Asia office in Shanghai, China and build its presence and engagement with Sedex members, stakeholders and local industry community. He manages the overall strategy development and operation of Sedex in China and in recent years he put his focus on Sedex wider presence and expansion in other parts of Asia such as south east Asia and India sub-continent.

Prior to joining Sedex, Walter got over 15 years experiences in the area of supply chain management which covering the manufacturing and international trading sectors. He got rich understanding and insight of the different roles in the supply chain, from buyers to suppliers, from supply chain service providers to workers.

Walter has a BA of business management, and he is interested in sustainability, CSR, communication and relationship management. In spare time, Walter enjoys history and Buddhism study and research.