Talitha Amalia, Director, Education and Development, Solve Education

Talitha is Director, Education and Development at Solve Education!. She leads the education team to facilitate collaboration between education and technology experts to conduct educational research and interventions for ASIA’s most marginalised youth. She was responsible for the development of the curriculum, instruction, and assessment frameworks implemented in the Solve Education!’s learning platform. Talitha also heads the monitoring and evaluation procedures for the programmes run by the organisation. On top of that, she provides leadership and direction for the community engagement team to build and strengthen relationships with critical collaborative partners on the ground across the region. Most importantly, she performs other vital duties designated by CEO to achieve the success of programmes and meet the mission of Solve Education!

Talitha was granted different scholarships to finish her education. She was awarded a Bank Central Asia Scholarship to complete her undergraduate degree in English Literature from the Indonesia University of Education. A couple of years upon completing her BA, she got the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to teach and study at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. She then continued her study in London in the following year. The Indonesian government fully funded her master’s degree in Education and International Development at the University College London through the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship. Her research areas include the politics of education, international development, and learning sciences