Nadia Pralitasari, Web Content Manager, WageIndicator Foundation

Nadia Pralitasari is a web content manager for WageIndicator Foundation in Indonesia called Gajimu, a website serves as an up to date labor market libraries for workers, employers, governments, academics, and media alike. Nadia has experience working in the field throughout 7 years of working with WageIndicator, where she is responsible to conduct compliance survey at factories in Indonesia, analyze based on the findings of their surveys as well as collaborating with local and/or international stakeholders while promoting the content of the website.

In line with WageIndicator mission to create a more transparent labor market, currently, Nadia leads WageIndicator team in creating a platform where stakeholders – specifically in garment and textile sector, can effectively monitor working conditions by comparing compliance between factories. This action can help individual workers to fairly assess their factories, helps employers to comply with national labor law, and eventually help create harmonious industrial relations that lead to workers achieve better working conditions.