Mark Harper, Sustainable Development Manager, John Swire and Sons (H.K.) Ltd.

Mark Harper takes a lead role on sustainability reporting and strategy at John Swire and Sons (JS&S), a global multisector conglomerate. At JS&S, Mark is responsible for managing the Group’s ESG disclosures as well as advising operating companies on their own ESG submissions. Mark guides the development the Group strategy on climate change, biodiversity, water and waste.

Mark has worked for fifteen years in the field of corporate sustainability and environmental engagement across both the private and NGO sectors, in Europe, USA and Asia. He has extensive experience of ESG disclosure standards such as GRI and the Hong Kong Exchange ESG Reporting Guide, as well as conducting sector focused benchmarking studies, corporate environmental management, as well as organising hands-on corporate citizenship and CSR training programmes.

Prior to joining JS&S, Mark was a senior manager at high profile Hong Kong NGO responsible for managing the organisations advisory services on ESG reporting and corporate sustainability strategy development.