Louise Hardman, Founder & CEO, Plastic Collective

Louise is an environmental science educator. She worked as a Zoologist throughout Australia for over 15 years, particularly in the marine, wetlands and conservation field. Over the last 10 years she worked as a high school science teacher, specialising in Chemistry, Biology and Marine Technology. Her passion to stop plastics entering the oceans has led her to starting a social-enterprise called the Plastic Collective in 2016. By creating purpose-built mobile plastic-recycling machines and developing a specialised and unique training program for remote and island communities, Louise has become a specialist in the chemistry of plastics and zero-waste education which empowers communities to turn waste into resources. Louise has a B.Science (Zoology/Anthropology), Mac.Uni Sydney; Grad.Cert Environmental Education (Griffith Uni Brisbane); Dip.Education (Secondary Science-Chemistry/ Biology) UNE Armidale; and is currently completing B.International Studies (Global Politics & Peace/ Mandarin).