Kristian Odebjer, Chairman, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

SwedCham Hong Kong was established in 1986 and has since then been focused on creating business opportunities for Swedish and Swedish-related businesses in Hong Kong. The chamber’s main objective is to help its members grow their businesses and to represent their interests in society. SwedCham currently has approximately 160 member companies.

Swedish companies have a desire to lead the movement towards a more sustainable society. This transformation happens both via technological innovation and via the changing of mindsets.

In 2017, SwedCham launched a project aimed at understanding and improving the situation in Hong Kong with regard to plastic waste. SwedCham’s Plastic Waste Project has led to a majority of chamber members discontinuing their use of single-use plastic products. Other chambers of commerce in Hong Kong and beyond have been inspired to launch their own plastic waste projects based on the SwedCham template.

Kristian Odebjer is a corporate lawyer and a founding partner of the Odebjer Fohlin law firm. His clients are Scandinavian companies active in the Greater China Region.