Jake Lucchi, Head of Content and AI- Public Policy and Government Relations, Google Asia Pacific

Based in Hong Kong, Jake leads Google Asia Pacific's work on two separate but partially overlapping domains- content and AI. On the content side, he works with government, academia, industry and civil society to use Google's products and platforms to promote a healthy information ecosystem, digital literacy, social inclusion and economic opportunity. On the AI side, he works to help these stakeholders leverage AI to achieve economic and social benefit around the region and supports APAC in global AI AI governance conversations.

Prior to joining Google he worked on a range of law and policy issues for the United Nations, several international NGOs and as a consultant for the Thai government. Originally from the US, he has lived full time in the APAC region since 2010 and speaks fluent Thai. He holds a juris doctorate (law) from Yale University and a BA, summa cum laude, in politics and philosophy from University of Missouri.