Ichiro Miyazawa, Programme Specialist, Education, UNESCO Bangkok Office Regional Bureau

Mr. Ichiro Miyazawa is a programme specialist in literacy and lifelong learning at the UNESCO Bangkok Office. For the last 20 years, he has been engaged in educational development for disadvantaged children and youth in Asian and African countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lao PDR, Tanzania and Kenya.  He has been in the UN system (UNICEF and UNESCO) for the last 16 years. 

He has strong expertise in designing and implementing innovative programmes of IT, Community Learning Centers, literacy, non-formal/alternative education, lifelong learning, education statistics, and teacher education. Recent initiatives are Mobile Based Litracy Programme for Women in Pakistan, Tablet Based Bi-lingual Literacy for Out-of-School Children of Myanmar and Thailand, and Mobile Gamification Application for Disaster Risk Reduction.  In addition, he recently supported ASEAN countries to adopt ASEAN Declaration on Education for Out of School Children and Youth at ASEAN Summit. The Declaration is closely in line with SDG 4 (Education)

He holds a M.Ed. from Columbia University, NY, USA, where he majored in literacy and national development. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Technology from Keio University, Tokyo Japan.  He has strong passion in education and lifelong learning.

He can be reached on i.miyazawa@unesco.org