Harry Nurmansyah, Senior Director Social and Environmental Affairs, Adidas

Harry Nurmansyah joined adidas Group in 2001 and have held various positions in the Social & Environmental Affairs Department. He was appointed as the Senior Director Field Operation of SEA in 2013 and is currently based in Jakarta Indonesia. In his position, Harry is responsible for managing social compliance program and supply chain monitoring in all sourcing countries in Asia. He currently leads 25 experienced staffs who are based in 7 countries across Asia.

Harry has undergraduate degree in Environmental Engineer but has built in-depth expertise in social compliance from his 19 years of working in this field at his previous company and adidas. He has extensive experience in driving sustainability initiatives in supply chain and managing stakeholder engagement, i.e. Government, NGOs, ILO, Trade Union group etc. in this field. Harry has intimate knowledge of social and economic condition of many countries in Asia and has been frequently involved in handling and resolving high risk cases that happen in the supply chain.