Jeong-in Kim, Chung-Ang University

Mr. Jeong-In Kim is a Professor of the department of economics at Chung-Ang University, Korea. Before joining the University, he worked for the POSCO Research Institute from 1995-1999. He studied environmental economics from the University of Minnesota, U.S.A. and participates in several activities such as economy-environment trade issues, global warming, and eco-efficiency for the East Asia regions. He also specializes on the Chinese energy and environmental problems.

Among awards and acclimations, recent achievements include an excellent research award from the Chung–Ang University (2002-2005), excellent Environmental Protection Award from the Ministry of Environment (2001), and Recognition Award for the Environment Protection from the Prime Minister (2007).

Mr. Kim has devoted tremendous efforts to preventing climate change issues, policies economic impact, not only in Korea, but also across the Asia-Pacific Region. He has served as a specialist/representative in the field of climate change and eco-friendly companies, and renewable energy area in Korea. He is also involved as a Committee member in the “Green Growth Committee, Sustainable Development Committee” from 2013, and 2010 respectively, and consultant for the UNESCAP and UNEP - IETC since 2005.

Mr. Kim is a member of Environmental Economic Association, Resource Economic Association in Korea, World Environmental Economic Association, and Environmental Policy Association in Korea.