David Galipeau, Chief Impact Officer, UNDP Impact Investing

David joined the UN in 2010 managing innovation, knowledge and digital portfolios for different agencies (UNAIDS and UNCTAD). He is now with UNDP and has founded the United Nations Social Impact Fund (UNDP-UNSIF), which brings together venture philanthropists, family trusts, foundations, corporations, governments and private sector investors to chart a new course toward creating a SDG-aligned 'blended financing' platform - balancing both social and economic performance.  UNSIF is interested to facilitate financing for SDG-aligned investment projects that support m/SMEs and Mid-cap industries such as energy, agri/aqua-culture, infrastructure and special economic zones. It also seeks to utilize the next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, drones, and material science.

Prior to joining the UN, David started his career in Canada and then in Europe for over 20 years where he held senior management positions within the strategy, digital and strategic finance with Top-3 global corporations.  Left to continue his education and afterwards became an 'dotcom' entrepreneur in the late 90’s where David founded three start-ups. Two were successfully acquired in 2000.