Beth Holzman, Director, Worker Engagement, Laborlink

Beth is responsible for integrating Laborlink’s platform and worker engagement expertise into ELEVATE’s assessments and consulting capabilities. This includes making technology a central part of auditing, self-assessment, capacity-building and supplier ownership processes. Prior to Laborlink’s transfer to ELEVATE, Beth served as Director for Engagement and Operations at Good World Solutions where she was responsible for driving impact and scalability so that Laborlink could inform corporate policies and sourcing decisions using worker-centric information. 

Her previous experience includes advising global companies on strategies to manage human rights risks while at Shift; leveraging sustainability data to drive business unit accountability and radical transparency at Timberland; and convening working relationships for companies with issue experts, institutional investors, public interest groups, labor unions, and academics within Ceres’ corporate accountability program.

Beth has a B.A. in Sociology and a Peace and Justice Studies certificate from Tufts University, where she served as an Adjunct Lecturer on sustainable business. Beth’s passion is helping organizations integrate social and environmental issues into decision making. She has worked in-depth with business executives, investors, civil society organizations, and local communities throughout her career.