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We have chosen the campus of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) as our conference venue. The campus is strategically located in the north of Bangkok, Thailand, easily accessible by local public transport from city centre and Bangkok’s international airport. The AIT, as our Conference Partner, fully supports us in our endeavour for a ‘sustainable conference’.

The AIT Conference Center (conference venue and hotel) has implemented a number of energy saving initiatives such as restricted use of water heating boilers during the morning and evening, and a towel and sheet reuse programme.

Menus served during the conference will mainly be based on local products and include a variety of vegetarian meals. China and glass ware will be used and reusable containers be offered for take away. Beverages during the conference sessions will be provided in jars rather than single bottles.

Traveling between AITCC and airport is most convenient by taxi. You may download this road map and campus map for the taxi driver’s reference.

For more information about AITCC, please visit their website at http://intraweb.ait.ac.th/aitcc/.

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