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Registration, mini-expo and opening ceremony






Cocktail reception




Panel session:

1. NGO expectation of business


2. Commynity based social enterprise development


3. Sustainability reporting: Asian dynamics


4. Tackling human trafficking along supply chains


5. Business-NGO partnerships for development: From philanthropy to capacity building


6. Creating sustainable solutions: Social enterprise and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)


7. Stakeholder engagement


8. A space for women workers


9. Carbon footprinting and solutions


10. Partnerships for sustainable development: Examples of best practice


11. Soft laws and governance


12. HIV/Hepatitis B and anti-discrimination strategies


13. Business responses to climate change


14. Evaluating community investment


15. Sustainable and Responsible Investment: Investor initiatives


16. Supply chain capacity building


17. Tackling corruption


18. Harmonising codes of conduct in the supply chain


19. Engaging the private sector with the Millennium Development Goals


20. The business case for biodiversity


21.Partnerships in microfinance and poverty alleviation


22. Bringing the environment back in the supply chain


23. CSR reporting through project partnerships: The case of imPACT


24. Business responses to water challenges


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