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In organizing this year’s Summit we have done our best to make the event as environmentally friendly as possible. We hope this effort will build our experience and effectiveness in mitigating the environmental impacts of our future events while raising awareness among Summit participants. Our conference partner, The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), is fully supportive of our aim to host a ‘sustainable conference.’

The environment was taken into account when selecting key elements of the Summit including the venue, guest lodging, meals to be served during the event, tableware, Summit information materials, delegate packs, name badges and giveaways. Acknowledging the global flights that will be associated with the Summit, in partnership with Climate Care we will try to minimize the carbon footprint of the event by offsetting the carbon emissions generated by flights of Summit participants.

Minimizing transportation impacts

Serving as the setting for our Summit, the campus of AIT in Bangkok, Thailand, is a strategically located venue which can easily be reached by delegates from throughout Asia and which is well connected to the local public transportation system.

Guests may choose to lodge at the comfortable 3-star quality hotel located in the AIT campus within walking distance to the conference venue and public transport stations, which enable easy access to the city centre and airport.

Minimizing energy consumption

The hotel has implemented a number of energy saving initiatives such as restricted use of water heating boilers during the morning and evening and a towel and sheet reuse program.

Minimizing resource use

Menus served during the Summit will mainly be comprised of local products and will include a variety of vegetarian meals. China and glassware will be used and reusable containers will be offered for take away. Beverages offered during the conference sessions will be provided in jars rather than single-use bottles.

All Summit-related information, including handouts and registration forms, are available online and electronic communications have been used wherever possible. Handouts distributed during the conference will make use of two-sided printing using recycled paper. Materials used at the exhibition booths can be reused as can name badges and summit bags, which are made of robust canvas. Giveaway items were selected based on environmental considerations; therefore no notepads will be distributed.

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