Steve Farrer

MBA (Henley) CAMS CFE, Head of Actionable Research Programmes, Liberty Asia

Steve Farrer joined the Liberty Asia team in mid-2015 (www.libertyasia.org), a group of dedicated professionals from different industries, who feel strongly that a more effective, coordinated response to slavery is essential, and that leveraging corporate sector technology & techniques and providing it to the NGO sector will help facilitate this response. Farrer leads the strategy to develop actionable research, in collaboration with NGOs, due diligence firms, and professional advisory and service providers, to help the financial services sector, to proactively identify those individuals and entities that are either directly facilitating or indirectly financially benefiting from human trafficking. Prior to this, Mr. Farrer was the regional head of intelligence in a major financial institution ,covering Greater China and North & East Asia, leading a world-class team, using open source intelligence & techniques to proactively identify & mitigate anti money laundering risk.