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Announcing the 2018 Leadership Series:
Delivering Transformation Now!

2018 is shaping up to be an important year in responsible sourcing. Key issues require careful navigation. North Korean workers in the supply chain, human trafficking legislation on the rise around the world, vendors’ growing interest in proactively managing their factory portfolios, the sun-setting of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, and deeper investor commitment to supply chain transparency – all demand that CSR and sustainability professionals accelerate their plans.

Together, we’re Delivering Transformation Now.

From Sydney to New York, Hong Kong to London, and throughout key sourcing markets in Asia, The ELEVATE Leadership Series 2018 sets a bold course for Delivering Transformation Now. Join our conferences, seminars and webinars as we shape the conversation on how best to balance the practical realities of managing a responsible sourcing program with the increasing need to accelerate improvement – now!