CSR Asia Summit 2016

CSR Asia Summit 2016

Sponsors & Partners

Sponsor and Co-Organiser - Prudence Foundation

Prudence Foundation is the community investment arm of Prudential in Asia and is a registered charitable entity in Hong Kong. Its mission is to make a lasting contribution to Asian societies through sustainable initiatives focused on three key pillars: Children, Education and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery. Under each pillar, the Foundation runs regional flagship programmes as well as local programmes working in partnership with NGOs and governments in order to maximise the impact of its efforts. The Foundation embodies the long-term and heartfelt commitment of Prudential and its people in Asia to provide innovative, focused, and practical support to their communities.

For more information please visit: www.prudencefoundation.com

Supporting media partner - AsianNGO

AsianNGO is the pioneer media platform designed to empower NGOs and development professionals in Asia-Pacific, capacitating them with resources for sustainable growth. The main channel of AsianNGO is a web portal for users to track and apply for available grants, project partners and download learning assets for their better organisational management; and event updates for their relevant interests. In addition, AsianNGO releases a print magazine every two months with news and policy updates from the development sector; as well as a weekly e-newsletter with the latest grants and upcoming events across the region. Sign up now at www.asianngo.org.

Supporting partner - The Sasin Center for Sustainability Management (SCSM)

The Sasin Center for Sustainability Management (SCSM) is Thailand's first academic-based advisory dedicated exclusively to total responsibility management as a means to organizational resilience and societal sustainability. With collaborations between Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University and the Corporate Responsibility & Ethics Association for Thai Enterprise (CREATE), SCSM focuses on four main areas of services; 1) Curriculum, where we embed sustainability as part of the core education for the business program; 2) Research, where we study cases of sustainability within Thailand context; 3) Advisory, where we customize services to clients' needs; and 4) Outreach, where we hold multiple sustainability events per month as part of the Net Impact Bangkok Professional Chapter. Being partner and advisor to dozens of organizations – private sector and public; profit and non-profit; large and small – the staff of SCSM are pioneers in the sustainability management field. Whether it is training; stakeholder dialogue; the strategic alignment of economic, social, and environmental planning; or benchmarking and reporting, SCSM helps organize critical functions on an interim basis while client organizations develop the internal capacity to create and manage their own unique solutions.

Supporting partner - The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand

The American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) is the voice of American business in Thailand. AMCHAM provides a venue for American and non-American businesses to exchange ideas and identify common purposes to pursue in both the private and government sectors in Thailand, in the Asian region and the U.S. The Chamber works to promote trade and commerce between the U.S. and Thailand by making Thailand an attractive place to do business.

The Chamber was organized in 1956 with a membership of eight American companies and 60 American nationals. Today, on its 60th anniversary, AMCHAM is the leading international business association in Thailand, with over 2,500 members representing over 800 American, Thai, and other international companies. Member companies have invested over U.S. $50 billion in investments in Thailand and provide more than 250,000 local jobs.

Supporting partner - ​​EABC

The EABC is a European Trade Organization situated in Bangkok with around 200 member companies. We were initiated by the EU, and are partnering with the European bi-lateral Chambers in Thailand and some Business Organizations in Europe. As an organization we “interact as the Voice of European Businesses” and perform the role of a “European Chamber of Commerce” in Thailand. We promote, advocate and defend common European policy interests. Our remit involves contributing to the development of promoting Thailand as a market destination for European Companies, especially SMEs as well as a Gateway into ASEAN. We have 10 established Working Groups and produce an annual Position Paper as part of our advocacy work.

We serve as Information Contact Point and provide Business Support for companies in Europe, specially SMEs looking to Internationalize to Thailand. We are also helping Thai companies especially SMEs to enter the European market in cooperation with the bi-lateral chambers.

Supporting partner - ​​the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand

Founded in 1946,​​ the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) is one of the oldest foreign chambers and one of the largest non-Asian foreign chambers in Thailand. In addition, it is the largest and oldest British Chamber in Asia. We are celebrating 71 years in 2017. ​

We have a membership of approximately 600 with more than 2,700 named representatives covering a broad cross-section of business interests in Thailand. Membership is open to companies of all nationalities and sizes.

BCCT’s mission statement is: “To serve the needs and promote the development of British business in Thailand and as ‘Partners in Progress’ contribute directly to Thailand’s economic advancement".

For more information please visit: http://members.bccthai.com




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