CSR Asia Summit 2016

CSR Asia Summit 2016

Third Disaster Preparedness Forum: Creating value for strategic partnerships

02 July 2015, Hanoi, Vietnam

The third Disaster Preparedness Forum brought together key leaders in business, humanitarian, and government sectors across the Asia-Pacific region with the aim to help advance and form strategic partnerships for community disaster preparedness. Among the thought leaders and practitioners that helped inspire participants to further existing and create new collaborations were the Vice President and Secretary General of the Vietnam Red Cross Society, the Regional Director Asia and the Pacific at UN OCHA, the Regional Coordinator for DHL’s GoHelp Program, and the Head of Public Affairs at the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. 

Discussions at the Forum helped inform the publication “Partnering with the Business sector for Disaster preparedness, Response and recovery” which provides insights into four partnerships in which businesses contribute to addressing disaster preparedness, response and recovery needs in the Asia-Pacific region. These partnerships stand out as cross-sector collaborations that leverage the business sector’s comparative advantages in addressing key humanitarian needs and limitation.

Second Disaster Preparedness Forum

2 July 2014, Manila, Philippines

Eight months after the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan - one of the most powerful storms ever to strike land – CSR Asia and Prudence Foundation hosted the Disaster Preparedness Forum 2014 which explored the role of business in disaster recovery.  Government representatives such as Secretary Herminio B. Coloma, Jr., Head of the Presidential Communications Operations Office met with humanitarian and business leaders from around the region to explore how cross-sector partnerships can drive sustainable recovery and build disaster preparedness
At the event insights from the publication: Business & Sustainable Disaster Recovery - Rebuilding More Resilient Communities were shared with delegates and discussions at the Forum helped to inform the final version of the publication.

First Disaster Preparedness Forum

21 November 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Inaugural Disaster Preparedness Forum was attended by 150 leaders from the business, humanitarian, and government sectors across the Asia-Pacific region with the aim of advocating strategic and effective business contributions and engagements in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. The White Paper "Business and Disaster Preparedness - Helping Communities Prepare for Effective Response", released at the Forum, highlights disaster risks and vulnerabilities at the community level and opportunities for cross-sector partnerships that also support business objectives.