CSR Asia Summit 2016

CSR Asia Summit 2016

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Disaster Preparedness Forum: Build Better Now

Now in its fourth year, the Disaster Preparedness Forum will address the need for disaster resilient settlements throughout Asia. Forum discussions will focus on policy and regulatory frameworks, finance and investment incentives, as well as on building design and construction.

This year’s theme “Build Better Now” reflects the significant economic losses and damages in the region due to disasters. Year after year, this region sees casualties and long-term impacts on livelihoods caused by poorly constructed buildings. People are buried in collapsed structures or forced to live in temporary shelters for months or years after a disaster. To combat this, buildings, especially homes, schools and other vital community facilities must be able to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and floods.

A paradigm shift is required; one that emphasises multi-sectoral collaboration and pre-disaster funding to lessen significantly the effects of disaster induced losses – covering physical damages, economic losses and most importantly, lives lost. Our objective is to build the case for greater business engagement and cross-sector partnerships in disaster preparedness and resilience.

Who should attend:

Companies interested in helping reduce disaster risks, damages and loss by raising their disaster-related CSR efforts to a more strategic, impactful level and aligning them with the Sustainable Development Goals
Companies looking for opportunities to engage in disaster preparedness through inclusive business, shared value or community investment approaches
Organisations seeking more strategic and effective business sector engagement that creates value for all stakeholders
Governments looking to build cross-sector partnerships that drive greater investment in community preparedness and resilience






The Forum will be conducted in English. All speeches and panel discussions will be simultaneously translated into Thai.