Aaron Sloan

Project Manager

Aaron works with his clients to develop and drive sustainability policy, communicate performance through ESG and GRI reporting, and has conducted research on reporting disclosure of 50 top companies on the Hang Seng Index, giving him insight into trends of Hong Kong’s largest companies.

In a recent project, Aaron and his team interviewed 80 sustainability professionals from private sector, NGOs and government on their perspectives on the future of sustainability, leading to the publication of the Tracking the Trends report for CSR Asia’s Strategic Partners. This fuelled his interest to learn more about the multiple perspectives of sustainability, ensuring no opinion is left unheard. He hopes to incorporate external stakeholder views into his projects – giving companies a diverse understanding of the impacts and effects of their performance.

Since joining CSR Asia, Aaron has worked on projects for companies in a variety of industry sectors including CW Group, Henderson Land Development, Johnson Electric, Oxfam, PCCW-HKT and Unilever. He has also supported event coordination in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Bangkok.

Prior to joining CSR Asia, he assisted an SME with implementing sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly initiatives. This involved undertaking an internal assessment, research and gaining buy-in from senior management to operationalise his recommendations. He has also supported the work of refugee NGOs in Hong Kong through the development of an English language programme and research into sustainable financing, and has delivered disaster preparedness research for the Hong Kong Red Cross.

Aaron is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Corporate Environmental Governance at the University of Hong Kong in which his electives have focused on sustainable cities and communities, supply chain and resource management, and green finance. Aaron holds a B.Sc. International Development from the University of London, and is a member of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in the UK.