Workshop 1: Self-declaration and self-certification

The workshop will provide insights into how the Dutch ISO organisation addressed the market demand for certification of ISO 26000. Although the ISO 26000 standard as such cannot be certified, a system of self-declaration was developed. This Declaration covers all aspects of the ISO 26000 standard with an option for publications of all self-declarations on a central and open online platform. Such self-declaration is open to Asian companies.

Workshop 2: Implementing ISO 26000

The session will outline a practical way to implement CSR using the standard as guidance. It will cover how to address the materiality of the ISO 26000 issues and demonstrate how the standard can provide a useful “roadmap” for the development of CSR in a company. It will show participants how to implement CSR across the whole organisation and get senior management and employee buy-in.

Workshop 3: Stakeholder engagement using ISO 26000

According to ISO 26000 an organisation cannot call itself socially responsible without engaging its stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement is an important part of determining significance and relevance of ISO 26000 subjects and issues. This workshop will provide a practical exercise on how to engage stakeholders on ISO 26000 issues, giving the participants concrete advice on the way to engage stakeholders and the benefits of so doing.

Workshop 4: Community investment and development

One of the most innovative and exciting aspects of the ISO standard includes guidance on community investment and strategic philanthropy. The workshop will examine key community issues such as social investment, wealth creation, technology transfer, education, culture, health and community involvement. It will address guidance on the Millennium Development Goals and Bottom of the Pyramid initiatives.

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